10 Unforgettable William Shakespeare Quotes

William Shakespeare (Born April 26 1564) Is Regarded As The Greatest English Writer Of All Times

Here Are Some Of The Most Notable And Unforgettable Quotes By William Shakespeare Often Called 'The Bard'

“All The World'S A Stage And All The Men And Women Merely Players; They Have Their Exits And Their Entrances; And One Man In His Time Plays Many Parts His Acts Being Seven Ages.” ― William Shakespeare As You Like It

“We Know What We Are But Not What We May Be.”

“Words Are Easy Like The Wind; Faithful Friends Are Hard To Find.”

“Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Deaths

“Don'T Waste Your Love On Somebody Who Doesn'T Value It.”

Some Are Born Great Some Achieve Greatness And Others Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them.”

“The Fault...Is Not In Our Stars But In Ourselves.”