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49 Best Journey Quotes To Inspire Your Travels Learn More

The Last Few Years Have Been Nothing If Not A Journey. But Now Travel Is Well And Truly Back On The Cards It’S Time To Get Inspired For Our Next Trips. Learn More

Travel Isn’T Always Easy Staying Home Isn’T Always Easy But With A Few Sage Words In Your Back Pocket The Road Gets That Little Bit Smoother. That’S Where These Quotes About A Journey Come In Clutch. Learn More

Our Footprints 1. “Our Footprints Always Follow Us On Days When It’S Been Snowing. They Always Show Us Where We’Ve Been But Never Where We’Re Going.” – Winnie The Pooh. Learn More

The Travel Bug 2. “Once The Travel Bug Bites There Is No Known Antidote And I Know That I Shall Be Happily Infected Until The End Of My Life.” ― Michael Palin. Learn More

Courage To Lose Sight Of The Shore 3. “Man Cannot Discover New Oceans Unless He Has The Courage To Lose Sight Of The Shore.” – Andre Gide. Learn More

Roots Not Feet 4. “If We Were Meant To Stay In One Place We’D Have Roots Instead Of Feet.” Learn More

Enjoy The Journey 5. “Stop Worrying About The Potholes In The Road And Enjoy The Journey.” – Babs Hoffman. Learn More