How Mother Heeraben Inspired Pm Modi Throughout His Life- 5 Quotes

Dec 30 2022 How Mother Heeraben Inspired Pm Modi Throughout His Life- 5 Quotes Sarmeeli Mallick

Pm Modi’S Mother Passes Away Heeraben Modi Pm Narendra Modi’S Mother Passed Away At Un Mehta Institute Of Cardiology & Research Centre At 3.30 Am On Friday. Credit: Twitter

Heeraben Modi Consigned To Flames Heeraben Fondly Called Heera Baa Was 100. She Was Cremated By Her Sons In The Presence Of Other Family Members In Sector 30 Of Gujarat’S Gandhinagar. Credit: Ians

Pm Modi Pays Tributes To Mother "A Glorious Century Rests At The Feet Of God... In Maa I Have Always Felt That Trinity Which Contains The Journey Of An Ascetic The Symbol Of A Selfless Karmayogi And A Life Committed To Values." Credit: Twitter

Heera Baa- A Symbol Of Resilience “My Mother Is As Simple As She Is Extraordinary. Just Like All Mothers.”-- Pm Modi Credit: Twitter

Pm Modi’S Mother Taught Him Life Lesson “See I Am An Ordinary Person. I May Have Given Birth To You But You Have Been Taught And Brought Up By The Almighty" Pm Modi'S Mother Said To Him. Credit: Twitter

Heeraben Lived ‘Extremely Simple Lifestyle’ “I Have Never Seen Her Wear Any Gold Ornaments And She Has No Interest Either. Like Earlier She Continues To Lead An Extremely Simple Lifestyle In Her Small Room.”-Pm Modi Credit: Twitter

Respecting Other’S Choices “In My Own Case Especially She Respected My Decisions Never Created Any Hurdles And Encouraged Me. Since Childhood She Could Feel That A Different Mindset Grew Inside Me.” Credit: Twitter

Icon Of ‘Matrushakti’ “In My Mother’S Life Story I See The Penance Sacrifice And Contribution Of India’S Matrushakti. Whenever I Look At Mother And Crores Of Women Like Her I Find There Is Nothing That Is Unachievable For Indian Women.” Credit: Twitter