Monday Morning

By: Krishna Kakani Times Now Digital Monday Motivation Quotes To Chase Those Blues Away Dec 19 2022

Monday Motivation Quotes Monday Blues Are A Very Real Thing. But Fear Not Because You Can Always Turn This Force Into Momentum And Power Through The Week. Credit: Istock

Monday Quotes Don’T Count The Days. Make The Days Count. — Muhammad Ali Credit: Istock

Monday Morning Quotes Every Morning You Have Two Choices: Continue To Sleep With Your Dreams Or Wake Up And Chase Them. — Kristin Sophisticated Gal Credit: Istock

Monday Morning Quotes May Your Coffee Kick In Before The Monday Blues Do. But If They Do May You Kick Them Back Out Faster Than They Do. Credit: Istock

Monday Motivation Quote I Didn’T Get There By Wishing For It Or Hoping For It But By Working For It. — Estee Lauder Credit: Istock

Monday Motivation Images Don'T Let The Monday Morning Quarterbacks Stop You From Being Bold. You'Ve Got To Set A High Bar.— Antonio Villaraigosa Credit: Istock

Monday Morning Motivation Monday Motivation Is Best Sought Within And The Best Way To Use It Is To Inspire Those Next In Line. Credit: Istock

Monday Motivation Quotes There Is Nothing Impossible To They Who Will Try. — Alexander The Great Credit: Istock