Ratan Tata Turns 85 Today

Ratan Tata Turns 85 Today: Here Are Some Famous Quotes By Him

" " A Person Who Is Trying To Copy Others Will Be A Successful Person For A While But He Won’T Be Able To Succeed Further In Life.

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" " Ups And Downs In Life Are Very Important To Keep Us Going Because A Straight Line Even In An Ecg Means We Are Not Alive.

" " None Can Destroy Iron But Its Rust Can. Likewise None Can Destroy A Person But His Own Mindset Can.

" " I Don’T Believe In Taking Right Decisions. I Take Decisions And Then Make Them Right.

" " Power And Wealth Are Not Two Of My Main Stakes.

" " If You Want To Walk Fast Walk Alone. But If You Want To Walk Far Walk Together.