Read her Motivational Quotes on the birth anniversary of the country's first female teacher

Jan 2 2023 On The Birth Anniversary Of The Country'S First Female Teacher, Read Her Motivational Quotes Ankita Pandey

Birth Of Savitribai Phule Country'S First Female Teacher Savitribai Phule Was Born On 3 January 1831 In A Dalit Family Of Nayagaon, Located In Satara District Of Maharashtra. Credit Twitter

Marriage At An Early Age Savitribai Was Married To Jyotiba Phule In 1840 At The Age Of Just 9 Years. She Was Not Educated Before Marriage. Credit Twitter

The First School Opened For Girls Impressed By Savitribai'S Desire To Study, Jyotiba Phule Helped Her In Her Studies. Savitribai Later Established The First School For Girls In Pune On 3 January 1848, Her 18Th Birthday. Credit Twitter

​Savitribai Phule Quotes Here We Are Going To Tell You Some Motivational Quotes Of Savitribai Phule. From Which You Too Can Take Inspiration In Your Life. Credit Istock

The True Jewel Of Human Beings, Study To Live With Self-Respect. School Is The True Jewel Of Human Beings. Credit Istock

Remove Ignorance From Life, Hold On To Ignorance, Hold On To It, Hold It Firmly, Beat It And Drive It Away From Your Life. Credit Istock

Education Is Very Important, Go, Read, Write, Be Hardworking, Work Self-Sufficient, Collect Knowledge And Wealth, Everything Is Lost Without Knowledge, Without Knowledge, We Become Animals, So Don'T Sit Idle, Go And Take Education. Credit Istock

A Strong Educated Woman Can Build A Civilized Society, So They Should Also Have The Right To Education. Credit Istock