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DJ Himanshu Mishra aces the game as a top music producer, DJ, and business visionary.

DJ Himanshu Mishra aces the game as a top music producer, DJ, and business visionary.

Also known as the tech entrepreneur, DJ Himanshu Mishra possesses music skills that have helped him make quite a buzz around his name and work in the industry.

Very few people in this world believe in what they do or aspire to do in their lives. However, there have been a few people who always knew what their hearts sought, and so they made the most of the opportunities in front of them while also creating newer ones to become their best versions and attain the success they desired.

Himanshu Mishra

Doing this in the world of music and entrepreneurship can prove to be even more taxing and challenging, but talents like DJ Himanshu Mishra ( have done even that and stunned people with the successes of his career.

DJ Himanshu Mishra has grown like a music producer, DJ, and founder at GrooveNexus, which has been rising to the top as a one-of-a-kind record label and recording studio. It has also grown as a full-fledged engine for Music marketing for Music Artists, DJs, Singers, Bands, Music Producers, Content Creators, and Youth Brands. The team covers everything from music industry-related news, new single and album release, and music festivals to song promotion, song reviews, music marketing updates, and so much more.

Apart from being a self-styled DJ loving EDM music and dance remixes, he is an engineer from Delhi College of Engineering and now has turned into a top tech entrepreneur holding over 17 years of rich experience in the industry. In all these years, DJ Himanshu Mishra never missed a chance to founding and investing in several startups to up his game in the professional world. In the world of marketing, he has remained a Director at The Higher Pitch (THP), specializing in providing increased efficiencies in marketing by integrating digital and conventional methods.

He founded GrooveNexus in 2019, and today as a founder, he is proud of how the company is a music platform with various lines of businesses in the Music space. GrooveNexus has established its recording studio facility in Delhi. Its record label called, GrooveNexus Records, and its publication are also showing massive potential for growth. Another line of business is GN Creators, a tech platform under beta release for artists and content creators. DJ Himanshu Mishra points out that the company is now planning to welcome vernacular content, OTT, and music e-Commerce in the near future.

DJ Himanshu Mishra (@djhimanshumishra), as a man of many talents, has come this far and made his unique niche in these sectors.

Niranjan Sharma

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