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“Epic Stories” stuns everyone capturing emotions in every frame.

“Epic Stories” stuns everyone capturing emotions in every frame.

The much-talked-about luxury wedding photography and film brand has done exceedingly well in the industry, earning a mammoth of clients.

It is so surreal to know about all those businesses and brands that choose to exceed boundaries in order to create a massive presence of theirs in their respective industries. It is also essential to throw more light on the journey of these brands that emerge as true success stories, taking over their niches and posing as great examples for other rising brands in the sector.


The world of photography and filming is one that so far has seen the rise of too many such brands, especially in the luxury wedding photography and filming niche; however, among them, a few brands still stand tall and unique from the rest for more reasons than one. We saw how Epic Stories ( made its mark as one such incredible luxury wedding photography and film brand.

These brands in the wedding filming and photography niche have shown what they truly stand for as a team of passionate and driven professionals as photographers, filmers, editors, and more, and Epic Stories has been one such brand that has undoubtedly made a solid presence in the ever-so-competitive sector. Even amidst much saturation in the industry, Epic Stories’ team and the way they approach every client have earned them a mammoth of them, which also includes celebrity clients.


Highlighting, “The universe is not made up of atoms but rather of magic,” they truly deliver on what they say, creating a breathtakingly beautiful universe of the memories and moments they capture of the D-Day of their clients. They are a team who finds passion in capturing the finest and some of the most timeless moments on their camera, which have helped them tell stories through every click and create pictures and videos that can even skip a beat.

It is companies like these that prove what passionate work looks like, and Epic Stories is one great example of the same.

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Niranjan Sharma

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